Nuclear Heartland USA Video of John LaForge Lecture on the Updated Book Nuclear Heartland by Nukewatch

“Nuclear Heartland”, the book, was first published in 1988. It listed the locations of all land-based nuclear missile silos in the United States. John LaForge of Nukewatch updated and republished a 2015 report on the status of such land-based nuclear silos in the United States.
John LaForge presented a power-point lecture on the book and the nuclear weapons abolition movement on 10-13-16 in Fellowship Hall. The 58 minute video “Nuclear Heartland USA” was made by Vic Sadot from an audio recording by Sound Engineer David Yandle. It was published to “Social Justice in the Heart of Berkeley” YouTube on March 29, 2017.


John LaForge of Nukewatch was accompanied on this speaking tour with German nuclear abolitionist activist Marion Küpker, who represents GAAA, Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen (Nonviolent Action to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). It is a German organization dedicated to the total abolition of nuclear weapons.


Since many of us had not heard that a historic vote in the UN General Assembly was coming up on Oct 27, 2016, we learned about it from John LaForge. The vote was overwhelming to make 2017 the year to push the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty forward through UN sponsored conferences: 123 In Favor; 38 Against; 16 Abstentions. The vote was something of an act of defiance toward the Security Council, and almost all nuclear-armed powers voted no, with some notable abstentions. The mainstream media buried the story as if it was not a significant event in human history!


The outcome of the upcoming Oct 27, 2017 UN General Assembly Vote for talks to move the NPT Treaty forward was presaged by John LaForge on Oct 13, 2016 in Berkeley. We include information of that vote with the advantage of releasing the video in late March 2017. The US, UK, and other nuclear powers boycotted the March 2017 conference. Did your media even cover the crucial talks to ban nuclear weapons from the Earth?


The next NPT UN conference is scheduled for July 2017! Make your country attend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty talks about the signatory obligations and the need to press this issue vital to human survival forward. Remember that previous negotiations did lead to significant affirmed nuclear disarmament and a reduction of tensions.  This was moving forward until GW Bush unilaterally withdrew the US from the ABM Treaty with Russia! Making the Middle East a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone is one of the immediate priorities of the countries pressing forward and of many nuclear abolition activists of many nations.America-sends-nuclear-bombers-to-Russian-Borders_The-National-Interest

Cynthia Jean Johson welcomed everyone to Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley. Author-activist Cecile Pineda did the introduction of John LaForge of Nukewatch. BFUU Social Justice Committee activists Ingrid Kepler-May and James Beatty appear in the Q&A session. Ingrid Kepler-May is in the Q&A segment at around 49:10 of the 58 minute video. She is in a discussion with speaker John LaForge about the effects of US use of depleted uranium in weapons and armor, particularly how it contaminates the environment and causes birth defects in Iraqi babies. Ingrid witnessed these results first-hand on a visit to hospitals in Iraq. The 58 minutes video was made by Vic Sadot from an audio recording by David Yandle of a John LaForge NukeWatch Book Update presentation by John in Fellowship Hall, Berkeley, CA on Oct. 13, 2016. The event was sponsored by BFUU Social Justice Committee.


There are two a 6 minute excepted videos also posted at YouTube, one of Marion Küpker speaking about the German Peace movement, NATO, Russia, and the situation in Syria; one of the Q&A session with Ingrid Kepler-May talking about where the nuclear arms race is today and about the use of depleted uranium by the United States in weapons and war machinery armour, which when blasted to dust causes birth defects in children and cancers in others who come into contact with the radioactive dust.


It was a stunning and memorable update presentation by John LaForge to celebrate the 2015 re-publication of “Nuclear Heartland”! The book was first published in 1988 to let Americans know where the nuke silos are, and that they make you less secure in contradiction of the stated nuclear “deterrence” goal. This only becomes apparent after you understand the war profiteering and the unacceptable risks involved in nuclear radiation, and the climate of fear needed to promote the arms race.


Can you help to get this video seen and heard? The format is based on the usual Public Access Cable TV requirements. Anyone can download and use this video under Creative Commons Copyright with accreditation and non-profit educational use. Can you forward this to someone who does that? Or can you be the person to make that happen in your community? If so, thank you! Contact Vic Sadot at



San Francisco Haiti Solidarity Demo Nov 19, 2013

Haiti Action Committee protests Corporate Political Puppets in San Francisco to “Stand for the Truth about Haiti” and to Protest Sean Penn’s Lies in Service of Fake US Engineered Elections & the ongoing UN Military Occupation

Sandy Sanders and Mindy Stone carry their colorful "Pimping 4 Wall Street" signs at the Haiti Action Committee protest of Puppet Haiti PM Lamothe and Puppet Sean Penn's service in legitimizing the illegitimate authority claimed from a fake boycotted election. Photo by Vic Sadot

Sandy Sanders and Mindy Stone carry their colorful “Pimping 4 Wall Street Demands Puppets for Empire” signs at the Haiti Action Committee protest of US Puppet Haiti Prime Minister Lamothe and Puppet “Ambassador” Sean Penn in celebrity service to legitimizing the illegitimate authority claimed from a fake boycotted election. Photo by Vic Sadot

Haiti Action Committee and supporters gathered on TUESDAY Nov 19, 2013 at 1:30 PM at Yerba Buena Gardens, 3rd and Mission Streets in San Francisco, CA to echo the call of thousands of protesters in Haiti for Martelly to resign! Some came to protest Sean Penn for lending his Hollywood celebrity status as an endorsement of the illegitimate Martelly Presidency! The largest party, Lavalas, the Party that elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was banned from the US funded election and most people boycotted the election to try to deny it legitimacy. Penn has to know the history of the US Kidnapping of President Aristide in the military coup of 2004. So why is Sean Penn “enthusiastic” about this authoritarian process? And why is Penn silent about the scandalous flow of relief money to Martelly’s men when it should go to the earthquake victims and the poor? Haiti Action Committee says, “Prime Minister Lamothe & Sean Penn do NOT Speak for the Haitian Majority!”

The call to demonstrate and the reasons why were stated clearly on Flashpoints on KPFA airwaves on the 18th by articulate Haitian patriot Pierre Laboissiere of Haiti Action Committee. The show is now available in the archives. 

Pierre Labossiere of the Haiti Action Committee with his home-made sign with Karen Melander Magoon of the UUSF Social Justice Committee. Photo by Vic Sadot

Pierre Labossiere of the Haiti Action Committee with his home-made sign standing by Karen Melander Magoon of Unitarian Universalists for Peace – San Francisco. Photo by Vic Sadot

Call To Action from the Haiti Action Committee’s website at HaitiSolidarity.Net

Haiti Action Committee banner denounces Haitian US Puppet Prime Minister Lamothe and Hollywood actor Sean Penn for endorsing this undemocratic process and dictatorial unrepresentative result. Buena Yerba Gardens in San Francisco 11-19-13. Photo by Vic Sadot

Haiti Action Committee banner denounces Haitian US Puppet Prime Minister Lamothe and Hollywood actor Sean Penn for endorsing this undemocratic process and dictatorial unrepresentative result. Yerba Buena Gardens Cultural Center in San Francisco 11-19-13. Photo by Vic Sadot

On Tuesday, November 19 in San Francisco, Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and actor Sean Penn (named “Ambassador at Large for Haiti” by US Puppet President Michel Martelly), were inside spreading the false messages of the fraudulent Martelly government installed to serve US corporations and their Haitian elite partners.

Haitian President Michel Martelly Names Sean Penn as Haiti Ambassador on Feb 2, 20112. BET Photo

Haitian US Puppet President Michel Martelly Names Sean Penn as “Haitian Ambassador-at-Large” on Feb 2, 2012. BET Photo

The people of Haiti are still in the midst of a UN occupation instigated by the United States in 2004. That occupation was coordinated by the US State Department under Hillary Clinton, who demanded that the majority party be banned from US financed elections that installed an old Duvalierist in power. Haiti Action says, “As supporters of the Martelly government, which is in the process of bringing back dictatorship to Haiti, Prime Minister Lamothe, and actor Sean Penn, DO NOT speak in the interests of the Haitian majority. Come stand in solidarity with the Haitian grassroots, who have been demonstrating in Haiti, on the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières (one of the last battles that sealed the victory of the Haitian Revolution).”


On Nov 18, 2013 Haitians took to the streets in mass numbers to protest the illegitimately US-installed President Martelly, a former night club singer and former Duvalier dictatorship supporter. Yet the Haitian people also rose in celebration of the victory in Battle of Vertières that secured the first successful slave rebellion and the first independent Black-run state of Haiti.

On the anniversary of the great Haitian Independence military victory at the Battle of Vertières on Nov. 18, 1803 Haitians protested the US-installed President and proxy UN Military Occupation

On the anniversary of the great Haitian Independence military victory at the Battle of Vertières on Nov. 18, 1803 Haitians protested the US-installed President and proxy UN Military Occupation

End the UN military occupation of Haiti in service to US corporations and their puppet government! People of Haiti have suffered too much under the empire’s hypocrisy and fake “humanitarian” “concern”. The majority party Lavalas was banned from the elections and the old dictator Baby Doc Duvallier has returned and walks freely about. President Jean-Bertand Aristide who was kidnapped on Feb 29, 2004 has returned as well with the agreement that he confine his activities to education. The medical school he began has been reclaimed from occupation troops and is up and running again. Perhaps the two greatest tragedies were the theft of earthquake relief funds that did not get to the intended victims, and cholera epidemic traced to Nepalese troops defecating into the streams. For the USA, the tragedy is that the people do not know what their own government does in their name or to what extent the corporate media go to make us believe in their lies. The Clintons think that Haiti is their plantation and that Martelly is their straw boss. Get out! Let the great Haitian Nation have its sovereign democracy back!

Hilary says Haiti is open for plunder370x450

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, want Haiti to be a US sweat shop center and military base for the Carribean Sea. They represent the United States of Corporations and the Haitian feudal elites.

Shame on Sean Penn! Read Haiti Liberté below! Protest Penn in SF tomorrow at 1:30 pm with Haiti Action Committee in solidarity with the people of Haiti who turned out in thousands today to protest the US-UN installed Duvalierist Martelly as President of the Republic of Haiti. What happened to you, Sean Penn? Your supposed “hero”, Phil Ochs, would be protesting you now! Haiti Liberté Burns Sean Penn’s Politics in Scathing Denunciation of His Political Support for the New Colonialsm as a Perverted Rendition of “Truth & Reconciliation”

HAITI ACTION COMMITTEE and Friends Stood in Solidarity to Echo the Demands of the Haitian Majority:
•To protest the CORRUPTION and ILLEGALITY of the Martelly/Lamothe government.
•To protest the government’s widespread repression of the poor.

•To protest the INJUSTICE of the nearly 10-year-old US/UN occupation and the suffering it inflicts on the Haitian people.

•To support the right of the Haitian majority to fully participate in the running of their country, FREE from repression and terror.
•To support the right of Haitian children, women, and men, to have free access to education, food, jobs, housing, and healthcare.


Sean Penn escorts Oprah Winfrey over rough terrain for a Haitian Relief Camp Photo Opportunity

Live Video: “The Kidnapping Coup” – A live performance at the Cynthia McKinney April 25, 2013 book tour stop at The Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics in Santa Rosa, CA. Truth Troubadour Vic Sadot & creative violinist Eric Golub perform “The Kidnapping Coup”. Cynthia McKinney requested this song the night before at Laney College in Oakland. The 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate and 6 term US Congresswoman from Georgia has two new books out on Clarity Press: “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Freedom”, a personal bio on her experience in politics; and “The Illegal War on Libya”, which she edited from writings by the Dignity Delegation that she took to Libya just as the NATO bombings began as a “humanitarian intervention fraud”.

The Kidnapping Coup by Vic Sadot was featured on the 8-20-09 Blog by Ezili Danto, (Marguerite Laurent) founder & President of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) 

Much valuable  background information is available in Ten Steps to Dictatorship: Why the Grassroots Movement is Taking to the Streets Against President Michel Martelly by Charlie Hinton

In PBS interview, actor Sean Penn praises Martelly, downplays Duvalier, and dismisses Aristide by Roger Annis in Haiti Liberte 11-18-13 – Excepts: “Mr. Penn, subtitled by the program as an “Actor/Humanitarian,” strongly defended the new neocolonial order established in Haiti through the foreign-sponsored exclusion election of 2010/11 and the foreign-led, post-quake “reconstruction” plan spearheaded by Bill Clinton. Mr. Penn made no mention of the foreign military occupation force increasingly denounced by Haitians, the United Nations Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH). (Just this week, UN soldiers in Port-au-Prince and Gonaïves were once again accused of sexual abuse of Haitian minors, a recurring phenomenon for which none have been brought to justice.) Most notable was Mr. Penn’s strong praise for Haitian President Michel Martelly, whom he lauded for “decisive leadership” and making “great strides,” although he never named any Martelly programs that so impressed him. “For us that were there on the ground, it was really clear that [Martelly] was the candidate that [the Haitian people] were looking to have be their president,” Penn asserted, saying that the population enjoyed an “enormous morale boost in a kind of historical (sic) way when they were able to challenge the status quo” by electing Martelly. It apparently does not trouble Mr. Penn that less than 25% of the Haitian electorate took part in the vote. Many Haitians shunned the foreign-imposed, fraud-filled and violence-marred “selection” that excluded the Fanmi Lavalas party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, as all elections have done since the 2004 coup d’etat against him.


On Feb 29, 2004 the US, France, and Canada coordinated a military coup and insurrection against the overwhelmingly elected President of the now outlawed majority party of Lavalas. Aristide was kidnapped and taken in a US Jet to the Central African Republic. The US Black Congressional Caucus chartered a jet to fly there and demanded his release. They went to Jamaica, but due to US threats against Jamaica from Bush Administration representatives, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, the Aristides went into exile in South Africa for many years.

Additional Important Historical Information

Haiti: November 18, 1803, Remembering the First Successful Slave Revolution for Freedom: Slavery and the Gods of Dessalines and Napoleon” – Haiti’s Voodoo Priest Boukman and the Good God of Bondye of People’s Liberation – Excerpts from Global Research 11-18-13: “There was a time, not so long ago, when popes, kings and queens enriched themselves and built vast empires on the profits made with the sweat and blood of kidnapped men, women and children loaded on ships, stacked like sardines and reduced to slavery on plantations of coffee, sugar, cotton, cocoa, all over the Americas. From the 1444 Portuguese attacks against the coast of Africa, followed by the 1452 papal bull of pope Nicholas V which invited Christians to attack and enslave non-Christians, to the faithful year of 1791, millions of human beings had already been kidnapped, terrorized, thrown to sharks in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean… It is within such an atmosphere of unparalleled terrorism and human decadence that a remarkable gathering of men and women took place on the small Caribbean island of Haiti, the evening of August 14-15, 1791. Known as the Bwa Kay Iman Ceremony, it is said that this revolutionary meeting brought together representatives of twenty-one displaced African nations who vowed to revolt against the powers that had unleashed against their people such a relentless campaign of terror; a genocide that was expertly conceived and implemented, state-sponsored and financed, justified with numerous literary works and blessed by the most powerful and influential religious institutions of the day… Boukman, the world’s first known liberation theologian evoked “Bondye”, a truly good and universal creator. Boukman admonished his people to throw away the portraits of the malevolent and deceitful god of Napoleon, Elizabeth and John Newton because he realized the damage these images were causing to the kidnapped and displaced African’s psyche. So, he invited them to instead listen to the voice of the true creator of the universe who sends a song of freedom to their hearts.”
The Black Jacobins -Les  Jacobins Noirs - by  Cyril Lionel Robert James
The Black Jacobins -Les Jacobins Noirs – by Cyril Lionel Robert James
French article by Vic Sadot in NetLog Français: LES JACOBINS NOIRS par Cyril Lionel Robert James – Ce livre, The Black Jacobins, de C. L. R. James est un des livres de grande histoire. Il raconte une histoire compliquée d’un peuple en ressuscitant l’esclavage jusqu’à gratuit eux-mêmes, la première rébellion d’esclave réussie et l’établissement de la première République noire avant que n’importe quel pays étaient libres de la domination coloniale en Afrique ! Elle raconte les rivalités tristes et perfides et les trahisons qui s’est passé sur le chemin vers la victoire ultime. Toussaint Louverture et la révolution de Saint-Domingue: les esclaves qui firent trembler la terre.En 1789, Les deux tiers du commerce extérieur de la France se faisaient avec sa colonie antillaise de Saint-Domingue, qui représentait le plus grand marché de la traite européenne des esclaves. La plus grosse colonie du monde, fierté de la France et objet de convoitise de toutes les autres nations impérialistes. Tout ce labeur reposait sur le travail d’un demi-million d’esclaves. Mais, 12 ans de lutte, qui débutèrent en août 1791, mirent en déroute les Blancs locaux et les soldats de la monarchie française, une invasion espagnole, une expédition britannique de 60 000 hommes et un contingent français identique commandé par le beau-frère de Bonaparte. La défaite des troupes napoléoniennes en 1803, permit l’installation de l’Etat Noir d’Haïti, qui s’est maintenu jusqu’à nos jours. Superbement raconté! Apres la defaite, la France a vendu une vaste region de territoire au centre du continent d’Amerique nord, La Louisiane, aux Etats-Unis.

The Whistleblower – July 4, 2013 Commentary

Berkeley Calling! I’m a big fan of The Political Film Blog. I decided to re-blog this excellent post and post some July 4 Season of Whistleblowers Commentary about a movie that I saw over a year ago here in Berkeley.

“The Whistelblower” is an excellent and gripping dramatic movie based on real sex slave trafficking done by the UN and the US Pentagon contractor DynCorp during the occupation of the former nation of Yugoslavia to serve the so-called “peace-keeper” troops. Troops and their countries were granted immunity from prosecution from any crimes they may have committed.

Only one US Congressperson was brave and responsible enough to take on the issue with a demand for straightforward answers to her questions.

In the 9:21 YouTube segment from C-SPAN Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney D-GA grilled G. W. Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Joint Chief of Staff General Richard Myers about the DynCorp sex trade and why they still have Pentagon contracts. Then she asks Donald Rumsfeld some hard questions about the 2.3 trillion dollars that he reported were missing the day before September 11 and about the war games that were taking place on 9/11. You can see for yourself how they responded without answering at all. The section of the Pentagon that was destroyed by something we are not allowed to see on the hundreds of surveillance cameras at the Pentagon was an accounting section tasked to find the missing millions.

C-SPAN preserved historic moment.  Showcased at 911TruthNews

Cynthia McKinney made a book tour in Northern California in April 2013. She had two books to promote. “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Freedom” tells her story about being in the US Congress,  and “The Illegal War on Libya“, which she edited. Both books are available at Clarity Press. At Laney College on April 17 I bought her book on Libya and she autographed it for me. She invited me to sing for her in Santa Rosa the next day. Eric Golub played violin that evening at the Arlene Francis Center.

Vic Sadot and Cynthia McKinney at Laney College, Oakland, CA 4-17-13

Vic Sadot and Cynthia McKinney at Laney College, Oakland, CA 4-17-13. Cynthia signing Vic’s copy of The Illegal War on Libya, edited by Cynthia. Photo taken by Lucia Owens.

Here’s a song to kick off your July 4 weekend! 

Are You A Citizen Or Are You A Slave is an anthem salute to struggle that is done in a strident Cajun waltz style. The song was written by Vic Sadot and Cindy Hubschmidt. It challenges citizen apathy and cynicism. In reciting the successful parts of the historical record, the song confronts the notion that we cannot change anything. Yet the the historical record of struggle says otherwise. Colonialism, slavery, and debtor prisons were defeated. A Bill of Rights, the right to organize unions, civil rights, and womens voting rights were all won through struggle. As Thomas Paine once said, “Rights are not gifts from one man to another, nor from one class of men to another.” Rights are inalienable and not granted by the political powers that be. As the song says, “You’ll use your Bill of Rights ’til your struggles are won!”

Play this full Crazy Planet Band arrangement loud please! TruthTroubadour Music Video at YouTube:  “Blowback or Bloody Treason” – Created after reading  Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert. That’s why the chorus says,  “We need a great detective’s logic! Forensic facts & laws of physics! Not leaps of faith! Just steps to reason! Was it blowback or bloody treason?”

Play this loud too! CHENEY’S IN THE BUNKERFREE song at Sound Cloud based on Norman Mineta 9/11 testimony

Down with domination and manipulation! Up with dignity and unity! This song, Full Spectrum Dominance, was featured in an earlier edition of The Political Film Blog as well as on the music page of the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons and Power in Space. With the revelations of US spying on everyone we have to stand up and say loud and clear, “This ain’t the way it has to be!”

Defend the 4th Amendment against Full Spectrum Dominance! “It doesn’t have to be this way!” Have a Revolutionary American 4th of July! Tweet this loud for the 4th Amendment!

#FullSpectrumDominance #July4 #4thAmendment #Rights #snowden #righttoknow

Political Film Blog


Unaccountable Immune Mercenary Monsters

This film tells the true story of an American corporate military contractor that was caught trafficking slaves in Bosnia during the UNs occupation.  The scandal was huge, involving many different nationals and organizations, a natural outgrowth of imperial war.

Kathryn Bolkovac was an American cop who took a job there in 1999 to make extra money, but she refused to back down or look away when confronted by the real War Incorporated, which was protected by both the UN and the US State Department.  The real company, of course, was DYNCORP.  This malignant cancer on the ass of the world is still gorging itself at the pentagon trough.  Iimmunity and impunity for America’s hired thugs is standard policy wherever the US goes, including Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kathryn Bolkovac (Rachel Weisz) runs up against the corporate/governmental rape culture after learning about all the desperate…

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