Project Censored interviews William Pepper, King Family Attorney, on the evidence at the 50th Anniversary of the Murder of Martin Luther King

The Plot to Kill King” – Project Censored Radio Show on KPFA PACIFICA in Berkeley, CA 4-06-18. Mickey Huff and Ken Burroughs of San Francisco University interview William Pepper, author of three books about the Murder of Martin Luther King.

plot to kill king
Book Cover: The Plot to Kill King published 2017 by Skyhorse Publishing
William Pepper explains that he met Dr King because King wanted to speak with him about his reporting from Vietnam, particularly due to his photos published in Ramparts Magazine in 1967 showing the effect of the war on the children of Vietnam. Pepper got to know the family as a result of his first book in 1995, Orders To Kill. The King family and William Pepper visited James Earl Ray in prison. They were convinced that he was not the killer. They came to believe that he had not acted out of racist hatred toward MLK, but rather as a patsy in a large conspiracy involving criminals in and out of government. Efforts to get a new trial and medical help for James Earl Ray failed, and he died in prison.

The King family decided to file a civil trial in Memphis in 1999. William Pepper was the lawyer for the King family in their civil trial victory at which a unanimous jury of 6 whites and 6 blacks convicted former Memphis cop Loyd Jowers and “unnamed government co-conspirators” for the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pepper’s second book was released in 2003 on Verso Books. It tells about what came out in the trial and was put into the public historical record. The transcripts from the trial can be read at the King Center website.

The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia USA King Family Statement & Transcripts from the Assassination Conspiracy Trial Victory in Memphis in 1999

My song highlights some of the most disturbing items that came out in the trial, and my video used the photos from that book with permission of William Pepper. The song bears the same title as the book, “An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King”. The recording with Eric Golub on violin from the 2016 “Truth Troubadour” CD was aired on this program from 17:34 to 22:20 on Project Censored – The Plot To Kill King 4-06-18.

An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (2013) (5:31) Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel

William Pepper is the author of three books about the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. The interview moves on to discuss what he discovered in his third and last book, which was published in 2017 by Skyhorse Publishing. The third book is titled The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

William Pepper claims that an enormous amount of additional information has been gathered since the second book published 15 years earlier. Project Censored Guest Host, Ken Burroughs asks Dr. Pepper about the new revelations about how Dr King died that are in his last book. Dr. Pepper names the shooter as Memphis cop Frank Strausser. He names the doctor in the hospital who smothered Dr. King under a pillow as Dr. Breen Bland. He tells the sources for this information. He names other “co-conspirators” who were already named in his last MLK book.

William Pepper was the keynote speaker at the annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival on 9-11-17 in Oakland, CA, which is sponsored by the Northern CA 9/11 Truth Alliance. All the films and speakers were live-streamed and archived by No Lies Radio at their Vimeo channel. Click on the photo to go to the part 6 section archive where William Pepper is the keynote speaker afterbeing introduced by Bonnie Faulkner, host of the Guns & Butter Radio show, which is also broadcast from KPFA PACIFICA in Berkeley, CA. 

William Pepper and Vic Sadot chat in the lobby of the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA on 9-17-17. He’s receiving the “Truth Troubadour” CD that has the song “An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King” as song #6 of 18 on the Dec 2016 CD Baby release.

Dr. William F. Pepper – Keynote Speaker “9/11 Truth Film Festival” 9-11-2017 Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California (52 min/27 sec) No Lies Radio Vimeo Archive 

Note from William Pepper to Vic Sadot for writing this song about his second of three books about the murder of Dr Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. The re-make video with Eric Golub in the studio soundtrack was done in 2013. The master-mix of the song was finally released on Dec 19, 2017 on the “Truth Troubadour” CD at CD Baby:
Thanks so much for the effort you and others are making in the common struggle to air the truth about how this Republic, and each one of us, lost Martin. Thank you for taking the time to put some important history into a ballad. This, of course, is the role of the Balladeer without whom much of history would be lost, especially in our time with the consolidation of control of the mainstream media. I am grateful.” Bill Pepper

WHO KILLED MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. AND WHY? By William Pepper, Published at Popular Resistance 4-02-18 by Kevin Zeese 



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Anne Feeney sings out from the steps of the Berkeley CA Post Office. Dave Welsh at right, one of the key organizers of the Anti-Privatization Rally on Aug 31, 2013

Anne Feeney sings out from the steps of the Berkeley CA Post Office. Dave Welsh at right, one of the key organizers of the Anti-Privatization Rally on Aug 31, 2013

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Vice President, Facilities
Facilities Implementation – Pacific Area
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