False Flag Driven Islamophobia?

Apparently Kevin Barrett, a Muslim with a PhD in Arab and Islamic studies, was dis-invited to a conference on Islamophobia when he dared to touch on taboo topics, namely whether false flag psychological operations were being carried out for trauma-induced social conditioning. Kudos to Kevin for gathering a world-class panel together in short order to present a live-stream “False Flag Islamophobia Conference” from Paris and other locations on NoLiesRadio. The program is now in the NoLiesRadio YouTube Channel False Flag Islamophobia Conference and at the home site archives. It makes it handy to take on a speaker or a part of the four hour discussion at one’s convenience. Vic Sadot covered the event at Truth Troubadour Blog.  There are nice screenshots of all of the speakers, and links to everyone’s works.


Truth Troubadour Blog 12-13-15: False Flag Islamophobia Conference Organized by Kevin Barrett. The world-class panel included Globalization Research Professor Tony Hall, journalist Gearóid Ó Colmáin, Media Studies Professor James Tracy of MemoryHoleBlog, Catherine Shakdam, Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Sunday Wire, Muslim scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein, Robert David Steele of Public Intelligence Blog, ArmyPsyOp whistle-blower Scott Bennett, and Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media. It’s four hours long. It is archived at NoLiesRadio dot org and at NoLiesRadio YouTube Channel. So you can listen in segments.