3/11/2015 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – 4 Year Anniversary

I will be singing No Nuke Blues at this March 11 event in San Francisco. Details at this No Nukes Action Committee blog!

No Nukes Action Committee


Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – 4 Year Anniversary
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Global Community Action Response
Around the world, people will assemble at Japanese
Consulates to hand deliver letters of concern addressed
to PM Shinzo Abe, about ongoing & hazardous radioactivity
escaping from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

In support of all those affected by this environmental
and human rights disaster – past, present & future –
We stand with the Japanese people: joining them on
this anniversary to say ’Saikado Hantai’ Do Not Restart!
and then to shut down our own ‘Fukushimas’
while we still have that option…

IN San Francisco:

– 3PM
assemble at SF Japanese Consulate
275 Battery Street
action: deliver letters of concern

– 4PM
walk to PG&E headquarters
245 Market Street
action: Shut Down Diablo Canyon

This event will be Ustreamed worldwide by IWJ (Independent Web Journal)


Sponsors: No Nukes Action, FukushimaResponse (NorCal, BayArea…

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