Interview 32: Peter Klein

Thoughtful and thorough interview with Tyranny News Network blogger Peter Klein by Professor James Tracy, the host of Memory Hole Blog and Real Politic Radio Show on Truth Frequency Radio about the film “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”. Peter Klein was the main editor of numerous video contributions analyzing the events of December 12, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, where there were many strange anomalies, such as no normal protocols to attempt to rescue the children, no triage, no medivac helicopters, and no rescue persons allowed into the school, and no removal of the children until sometime at night. The press conferences set off alarm bells to discerning viewers. For example, the Coroner of the state of Connecticut didn’t know much about the autopsies he had his staff doing. He even said, I hope this does not all come crashing down on the heads of my staff and Newtown. That act was followed by Connecticut State Police spokesperson Lt Vance threatening to prosecute people on the internet who questioned the official story. James Tracy had gotten intense media scrutiny for writing that what happened at Sandy Hook may not be what was reported in the corporate press. Anderson Cooper had his CNN assets trailing the professor and he called for Tracy to be fired from his job. Such is the state of journalism in the post 9/11 era in the United States of Empire and Zion.


Real Politik

peterkleinPolitical blogger and videographer Peter Klein joins the program to discuss his latest documentary production, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, a major collaborative effort released by Independent Media Solidarity on November 30, 2014. Founded in 2014, IMS  includes several dozen independent researchers and media producers, ten of whom contributed directly to the 2014 documentary.

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