Code Pink Activist Cynthia Papermaster Works To Close Diablo Nuke on California Coast


Cynthia Papermaster kicked off the public commentary at the Oct. 2, 2014 Public Service Commission hearing chaired by Commission President Michael Peevey. She walked right up to Peevey with her faithful service dog Jimminywinks and she pinkslipped him. That is, she told him he was fired. And then she told the public that “we should get him fired”. Ironically, Mr. Peevey resigned a week later!


Code Pink Golden Gate Chapter’s Cynthia Papermaster was the key organizer for an event in Berkeley’s Historic Fellowship Hall on Oct 26, 2014 titled “Beat the Devil! Close Diablo Right Now!”. It was co-sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee. Holly Harwood was wearing two hats as current Chair of the BFUU Social Justice Committee and Code Pink Golden Gate Chapter Coordinator. She proudly announced the publication of “Words Fly Away: Poems for Fukushima”Fukushima Response Bay Area

Fukushima Poetry at Word Press


The event was made quite special and unique by the presence of Harvey Wasserman and Joanna Macy. Cynthia Papermaster was the MC and she kept things moving along at a good pace. There was some wonderful art donated for the “Beat the Devil! Close Diablo Right Now!” campaign by artist Mark Bryan titled “Devil’s Due, Meltdown at Diablo Canyon”. Californians have become increasingly alarmed by the longterm radioactive fallout from the disaster in Fukushima, Japan. And the comparisons with the Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant built along the coast is all too similar to the design in Japan. Bay Area Fukushima Response activists were there, including Phoebe Sorgen who sang a sweet song to piano accompaniment to get the evening started.

Pinkslipping Peevey (1:08) EON3 YouTube Channel. Code Pink activist Cynthia Papermaster ‘pinkslipped’ CPUC President Michael Peevey at the Oct. 2, 2014 Commission meeting. A week later, Mr. Peevey announced his resignation. 

Codepink is organizing a PG&E Ratepayer Boycott to Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Right Now! See how the plan to pay into an escrow account works! You pay your bill, but PG&E does not get the money until it shuts down Diablo Canyon, a plant similar in location and style to the ones involved in the disaster in Fukushima, Japan; a plant for which its own NRC inspector recommended to be shut down! We the people must intervene in the matter. Read how to do it!

Ratepayer Boycott Campaign to Close Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant

Home site for EON (Ecological Options Network) 

EON3 YouTube Site

Art work donated by Mark Bryan titled "Devil's Due, Meltdown at Diablo Canyon".

Art work donated by Mark Bryan titled “Devil’s Due, Meltdown at Diablo Canyon”.

Now on display at the Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St in San Luis Obispo.

“SHUTDOWN – Why Diablo Canyon Must Be Next” (3:47) EON3 YouTube Channel (Ecological Options Network) 5-03-14. Video #1 in the “Anti-Nuke, Coal, Petroleum Energy – Pro Solar, Safe, & Sustainable Energy” Playlist in the SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY YouTube Channel.

Vic Sadot Singing “No Nuke Blues” at an earlier EON Event at Fellowship Hall (3:48)