TRIBUTE TO NELSON MANDELA – VOLCANO, NEW VIDEO FOR ANTI-APARTHEID SONG BY VIC SADOT: Gina Lobaccaro was inspired to do a music video interpretation of a 1988 Anti-Apartheid song by Vic Sadot titled “Volcano” from an LP titled “Ride the Wind”.

Gina Lobaccaro selected the photos and created the composition of the visual track. Gina made the video a tribute to the late great brother leader Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Volcano explodes on the notion that the ending of Apartheid was inevitable given the sheer numbers of people involved, and the will to have freedom and justice that burns in hearts of people everywhere. At the time this song was released, the US government considered Nelson Mandela to be a “terrorist” , and he languished in prison for decades. The Volcano lyrics demanded and warned the Apartheid regime, “You better let Nelson go! You’re sitting on a volcano! And it’s about to blow! You’re sitting on a volcano!” The Crazy Planet Band line-up on this track is Vic Sadot Singer-Songwriter on vocals and electric rhythm guitar, Rob Sadot on electric guitar, Ed Gorski on keyboards, Tris Hovanec (RIP) on bass, Rob Boxturtlebob Chirnside on drums, and Ellen Lebowitz on back-up vocals. Recorded by Roger Hoilman at Sound Lab Studios, Newark, DE. 

A T-shirt of the “Ride the Wind” LP cover is available at VIC SADOT CRAZY PLANET BAND T-SHIRT SHOP à CafePress.

Nelson Mandela passed at the age of 95 on Dec. 5, 2013. Mandela presente!

Nelson Mandela passed at the age of 95 on Dec. 5, 2013. Mandela presente!

TRIBUT à NELSON MANDELA – VOLCANO: Gina Lobaccaro a été inspiré de faire une interprétation du clip d’une chanson de lutte contre l’Apartheid de 1988 par Vic Sadot intitulé « Volcano » d’un LP intitulé “Ride the Wind”. Gina Lobaccaro a sélectionné les photos et elle a fait de la composition de la voie visuelle.Gina fait la vidéo un hommage au grand frère meneur sud-africain Nelson Mandela. Volcan explose sur l’idée que la fin de l’Apartheid était inévitable compte tenu du grand nombre de personnes impliquées et la volonté d’avoir la liberté et justice qui brûle dans le coeur des gens partout. À l’époque, que cette chanson a été libérée, le gouvernement américain a considéré Nelson Mandela d’être un « terroriste », et il a langui en prison pendant des décennies. Les paroles de Volcan a exigé et a mis en garde le régime de l’Apartheid, « Il faut que vous libérez Nelson! Vous êtes assis sur un volcan! Et c’ est sur le point d’exploser! Vous êtes assis sur un volcan! » Le line-up de CRAZY PLANET BAND (Planète Folle) sur cette piste est Vic Sadot auteur-compositeur-interprète au chant et guitare électrique rhythm, Rob Sadot à la guitare électrique, Ed Gorski sur les claviers, Tris Hovanec (RIP) à la basse, Rob Boxturtlebob Chirnside à la batterie et Ellen Lebowitz au chant de la sauvegarde. Enregistré par Roger Hoilman aux Studios Sound Lab, Newark, DE.La couverture super cool pour le LP « Ride the Wind » de Crazy Planet bande a été donnée par C. S. Wayne (RIP nous sommes éternellement reconnaissants envers vous, Curt!)

Un T-shirt de cette couverture peut être fait à VIC SADOT CRAZY PLANET BAND T-SHIRT SHOP à CafePress dot com.


Noam Chomsky and the Willful Ignorance of 9/11

Noam Chomsky and the Willful Ignorance of 9/11 – Posted on November 29, 2013 by Kevin Ryan in his “Dig Within” Blog. Noam Chomsky recently engaged in a smear campaign against Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth by misrepresenting what their efforts are, what they actually say, and their size. By not availing himself to information about 9/11 that is readily available to everyone these many years after the event, and to Chomsky himself after some 30 correspondences with author-researcher Kevin Ryan, it can only be called “willful ignorance” says the former UL chemist who became a 9/11 whistle-blower. Here is the reaction of Kevin Ryan to the unscientific American professor Chomsky’s latest anti-intellectual rant. In his Florida speech Chomsky claimed not to know the basic laws of physics, saying he would defer on that to people with doctorates. Ryan reveals what Chomsky’s gate-keeper game is all about since he has a long history of dismissing deep political conspiracies since the JFK murder-coup. Kevin Ryan is co-founder of The Journal of 9/11 Studies and has a new book out titled “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects”.

Dig Within

In response to a question at the University of Florida recently, Noam Chomsky claimed that there were only “a miniscule number of architects and engineers” who felt that the official account of WTC Building 7 should be treated with skepticism.  Chomsky followed-up by saying, “a tiny number—a couple of them—are perfectly serious.”

If signing your name and credentials to a public petition on the subject means being serious, then Noam Chomsky’s tiny number begins at 2,100, not counting scientists and other professionals. Why would Chomsky make such an obvious exaggeration when he has been presented with contradictory facts many times?

ChomskyI’ve personally had over thirty email exchanges with Chomsky. In those exchanges, he has agreed that it is “conceivable” that explosives might have been used at the WTC. But, he wrote, if that were the case it would have had to be Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden who…

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