Cynthia McKinney: Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom

The Political Film Blog showcases Cynthia McKinney‘s latest book “Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom” about her experience as a Congresswoman and as a Presidential candidate for the Green Party USA in 2008. She also edited a book titled “The Illegal War on Libya”, which is also available at Clarity Press.

Report on Cynthia McKinney’s California Book Tour by Minister of Information JR Valrey at SF Bay View National Black Newspaper

San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper by Minister of Information JR May 9, 2013 “Cynthia McKinney wins hearts and minds on California tour”: “Cynthia McKinney’s fundraiser tour for the SF Bay View was a huge success up and down California, hitting San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Santa Rosa. The tour, which was titled “Latin America, Africa, and Obama,” coincided with the release of McKinney’s second book, “Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom”, an autobiography about her years as a six-term Congress member from Georgia.”

The Illegal War on Libya

Political Film Blog


Green Party Candidate for President 2008, and former Congresswoman


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‘Cynthia McKinney’s passion to bring about social and political change through peace and politics is very inspirational to all who have the honor, like myself, of knowing her or will come to know her by reading something of her life in this challenging book.’ – Mairead Corrigan MaGuire, Nobel Peace Laureate, 1976

“McKinney, an extremely realistic and well-informed person, unlike anyone in Washington or the media, remains confident that truth and justice will prevail.. America and the Constitution will be safe the day Cynthia McKinney or a similar person is president of the United States.” Paul Craig Roberts, former Asst. Secretary, US Treasury


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The Third Time Must Be the Charm! / 14

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The Life…

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