BERKELEY CALLING! “Twit Wit Radio” Takes on the Boston Marathon Bombing and Other Taboo Topics

KPFA’s “Twit Wit Radio” Takes on the Boston Marathon Bombing and Other Taboo Topics with Truly Brilliant Surreal Political Humor and Song! Archived from the Sunday, April 28, 2013 Live Show!

What is Twit Wit Radio? It is a new entertainment program featuring a cast of improvisational comic actors and an online writing staff of listener humorists aka “Twit Wits”. A live Twitter feed lets listeners post much of the script performed by the cast, live, in real time, in the studio!


The 4-28-13 show kicks off with a theme song saying, “This is our one demand! We represent the 99%!” then a short classic clip of George Carlin with a masterful musical interweave the rich sultry vocals of a woman singer, not sure who that is at this writing, but it blends wonderfully with the sullen sound of strings.

Host “Berkeley Kid” kicks off the radio game show! A wave of nervous anticipation is felt as Berkeley Kid announces that Henry Kissinger is the scheduled special guest of this evening’s show.

Berkeley Kid

First Game Show Topic: “Martial Law in Boston: Who Ordered the Lockdown?” Buzz! We have a loser! There are some news interview segments from the real world interspersed with the amazingly timely and topical game show questions to ponder. Game show question: “Why didn’t the Massachusetts DA Carmen Diaz and her Assistant DA Stephen Heinemann do anything to protect the rights of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Berkeley Kid than asks the panel, “Define Over-reach!” Who is this Carmen Ortiz that the kid mentions? Ah yes, she is the Massachusetts DA now famous for the “prosecutorial over-reach” that led to the suicide of internet activist Aaron Swartz. Now she is to lead the prosecution of the young terrorist “suspect” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who acted alone with his boxing champion brother who was arrested and made to strip naked and then later died in a shoot out with the heroic police when Martial Law was declared in Boston and a mighty army of deadly force and the United States Constitution “Bill of Rights” had to be suspended for a day or two in that targeted area for that “drill”.

Better Bad News Host

Continuing with the lovely surreal and sentimental song: “After Disaster”… “After disaster everything changes. It’s not the same…” The corporate media has declared that Jihadi ethnic Caucasions must have done this bombing… So Berkeley Kid puts out an alert right in the middle of the game show, “Be on the alert for celebrity war criminals on the lose!” Musical break: My Stupid Smart Phone! Hilarious!

Next Game Show Question: “Didn’t the people of Boston celebrate the imposition of martial law in order to get the “heavily armed” 19 year old alleged “Chechen Muslim” bomber? It’s how we catch the “bad guys” says Carmen Diaz!

kpfa logo

And now it’s time for some therapeutic blues, baby! The show ends with a smooth transition to a surreal song with rich female vocals singing lyrics that play with the fine line between paranoia and justified fear of a real and imagined “terror”. What a beautiful entrancing song follows featuring a dancing stellar flute!

Berkeley Kid challenges his audience in this show with a serious question challenging all freedom loving Americans in the wake of the Boston Bombing Massacre:”How can we know a good Caucasion or Caucazoid from a bad one?” Will these ethnic white jihadi terrorists not simply blend into the everyday economic life of the USA until they are ready to wreak havoc on the rest of us law abiding citizens? Berkeley Kid does “seem to be losing it” near the end of the show as he makes the wild “conspiracy theory” claim that “You’re TV is lying to you!” Other than such obvious nonsense as that outrageous claim, this edition of Twit Wit Radio is a scream full of full body belly laughs!

The final segment in the archived show Includes the announcement that Noam Chomsky will speak in Oakland at a benefit for the Middle East Children’s Alliance on May 8 on “Palestinian Hopes, Regional Turmoil” with Special Guest HOLLY NEAR & The Peace Becomes You Band!

 Twit Wit Radio show host regulars include Kurt Reinhardt, Lorrie Holt, Mantra Plonsey, Galen Corr and MiddleFingazUp. Online “Twit Wits” include San Francisco International Comedy Competition finalist Tim Wiggins and SF Bay Area musicians Michael Hauser and Dan Plonsey.

Producer Director George Coates describes the show as a disruptive challenge to mainstream media, “When consumers of media entertainment become its producers, on air personalities can serve as the peoples sock puppets for a change. Live! ” Every Sunday Evening at 7 pm” on KPFA Pacifica! Catch it live on line or in the KPFA Pacifica Archives! Link to this show!